UV Pro Whitening Expert brush


70% better stain removal

Part of the Wisdom UV Pro Whitening Expert oral care range.
A toothbrush with an expert whitening design which offers 70% better stain removal to help give you a whiter smile. For best results, use with the UV Pro Whitening Expert Shine toothpaste and UV Pro Whitening Expert mouthwash to help keep your teeth whiter.

Key features:
-Unique polishing pad with micro polishing surface to provide 70% better stain removal for whiter teeth*
-Micro texture rubber paddles to aid plaque and stain removal
-Angled whitening filaments clean further between teeth for greater plaque removal
-Ribbed tongue cleaner to remove bacteria for fresher breath
-Ergonomic rubber thumb grip for maximum brushing control

*In lab tests versus polishing pad without micro texture

  • 70% better stain removal*
  • Fresher breath
  • Greater plaque removal
  • In-between cleaning