UV Pro Whitening brush


70% better stain removal

Part of the Wisdom UV Pro Whitening oral care range.
A toothbrush that has been designed to offer 70% better stain removal to help give you that whiter smile. For best results, use with the UV Pro Whitening toothpaste and UV Pro Whitening mouthwash to help keep your teeth whiter without abrasion.

Key features:
-Unique polishing pad with micro polishing surface to provide 70% better stain removal for whiter teeth*
-Micro texture rubber paddles to aid plaque and stain removal
-Angled whitening filaments for 24% better cleaning action to naturally whiten teeth**
-Ribbed tongue cleaner to remove bacteria for fresher breath
-Ergonomic rubber thumb grip for maximum brushing control

*In lab tests versus polishing pad without micro texture
**Spiral filament design provides up to 24% better cleaning action versus standard filaments

  • 70% better stain removal*
  • 24% better cleaning action**
  • Fresher breath
  • Greater plaque removal
  • In-between cleaning

I have taken thyroxene tablets for 30 years which have dulled my teeth but I find that using Pro Whitening has made a vast difference to the quality of my teeth - 'Mavis'
Fantastic product super cleaning power - 'Tara'