Step by Step 6+ years toothbrush


Perfect for cleaning the mix of milk and adult teeth.

Wisdom Step by Step products help establish good brushing habits. Step by Step 6+ years is specially designed to clean the mix of milk and permanent teeth.
With soft, interdental filaments to help clean all of the surface of the teeth and gums and gum bumpers to help protect delicate gum tissue it is the perfect brush to start to allow children to brush their own teeth.

The ergonomic handle design provides a good grip for maximum control and it even has a gentle tongue cleaner built in to effectively remove bacteria and help keep breath fresh

Available in a variety of designs to make brushing fun.

Use with Step by Step 4+ fluoride toothpaste and Step by Step 6+ mouthwash for a great cleaning regime .

Children should always be supervised when brushing.

Key features
– Interdental filaments to help clean in-between growing teeth.
– Gum bumpers for protection when brushing.
– Tongue cleaner to remove bacteria for fresher breath

  • Ergonomic handle design
  • Gentle interdental filaments
  • Gum bumpers
  • Attractive handle designs
  • Tongue cleaner