Quantum Clean + Whitening Toothbrush


Advanced whitening action

Part of the Wisdom Quantum oral care range.
A truly cleaning focussed toothbrush with every element of the head designed to remove more plaque and bacteria for healthy teeth and gums. With additional stain removing features for a whiter smile

Key features
-Spiral filaments for 24% better cleaning for naturally whiter teeth
-Unique textured rubber polishing pad to help remove surface stains
-Micro texture rubber paddles to aid plaque and stain removal
-Angled filaments to clean further between teeth
-Ribbed tongue cleaner to remove bacteria for fresher breath
-Ergonomic rubber thumb grip for maximum brushing control

  • In-between cleaning
  • Fresher breath
  • Stain removal
  • Maximum plaque removal
  • Healthy gums