Pro Floss



Wisdom Pro Floss has been specially designed for use around dental appliances such as braces, bridges and implants. The two stiffened ends make it easy to insert the floss between the dental appliance or teeth, whilst the spongy section of floss helps to remove plaque and debris. It is also ideal for flossing in wider interdental spaces.

It is recommended to floss at least once a day or as your dentist recommends. Many dentists and orthodontists recommend cleaning your teeth after every meal or snack if you wear braces and to use a fluoride toothpaste to help control plaque build-up.

Key features

-Two stiffened ends for easy insertion into dental appliances or wider gaps
-Soft, spongy floss for a gentle yet effective clean

  • 50 pre-cut pieces
  • Specially designed for braces, bridges and implants
  • Soft, spongy floss for a gentle yet effective clean

I have recently discovered Wisdom ProFloss and I want to cry with happiness as I think these might just save my implant/smile/bank balance! I can easily clean around the implant post now, as the fine stiff ends make it really easy to get between the teeth and under the gumline, then the big spongy length follows into the area and I can get right around the post. My orthodontist has since checked the area and he’s really pleased how clean I can keep it. It’s not to say the problem has been resolved permanently, but as long as I keep carefully cleaning out the area with Profloss, then I’m hopeful I can delay getting the implant removed for a few years yet! - 'Em'