Long handled interdental brush for hard to reach places

Wisdom Interproximal is designed to clean between the teeth, around crowns, bridgework and orthodontic appliances.
Its clever 3 way handle is designed to help you reach all areas more effectively

Use regularly to help keep your teeth and gums healthy, to protect against gum disease and tooth decay and to keep your breath fresh.

Key features
-3 position head design for easy access
-Long handle to reach back teeth
-Plastic coated wire to avoid sensitivity

  • 3 way handle to reach all areas more effectively
  • 1 x handle and 5 heads per pack

I have always preferred Wisdom interdental brushes, and I really, really like the new way the brushes fit into the handles. Before, you needed to be strong to push them in, and then they sometimes pulled out of the handle when the brush was between your teeth or, worse, you have to struggle to pull it out of the handle when it was time for a new one. However, the new-style handles and brushes allow you to 'turn and lock' the brush in the handle -- so easy, and ditto the reverse, to remove. I hate to sound like i am on a TV advert, but the new brushes are brilliant, IMHO - 'C A Clarke'