Easy Floss Daily Flosser


Makes flossing quick and easy.

The long handle design of Wisdom Easy Floss allows easy access to difficult to reach areas .
The disposable flossing heads also feature a soft ribbon like flossing tape to make flossing more comfortable.

Key features
-Ideal for people who find traditional flossing difficult
-Long handle to reach all areas of the mouth
-Soft flossing ribbon for greater comfort
-Disposable head design

  • Long handle design
  • 1 handle & Now with 25 replacement heads per pack!
  • Soft flossing ribbon

This is a brilliant product, I am for the first time able to floss my back teeth. The only drawback as I see it is that you can't buy the heads on their own. I feel guilty every time I throw away a perfectly good handle - 'Lesley Harper'
Easy flosser is a really quality product it's so easy to clean in between my teeth everyone should use this product. A++++++ - 'Alfie'
Fantastic product! Much easier to grip and to manoeuvre than short floss forks that are commonly available in shops and Pharmacys. The handle lasts a long time so the recent increase in number of included heads from 15 to 25 is a welcome saving of the environment - 'Richard Nelmes'